Get more reservations from multiple channels!

Connectivity is a must-have these days. We know how important all the data and people in the apps you use every day are to you, so we've made sure you can integrate them into your 12Booky platform.

Sync your account across multiple devices so you can access it from multiple phones, tablets, or computers. Don't worry about reinstalling or changing your phone, your data is always stored securely!


Prepay online

Don't lose money due to last minute cancellations. Apply prepaid rules using Stripe, PayPal and Revolut integrations and this way you can reduce absences on time or not at all at appointments!

Facebook and Instagram

Help customers find you and book on social media! With 12 BOOKY you can offer them online bookings on the profiles on the social networks of your business to turn visitors and profile followers into customers who can schedule and pay for your services!

Google integration

Get new customers for free with no marketing effort! People who search for your services on Google can easily find and book you directly from Google Search or Maps.

Appointment portal

Showcase your service offerings, staff portfolios, photos, reviews, deals and more on your 12 BOOKY scheduling page that reflects your entire business!

Your business website

Turn site visitors into paying customers! The 12 BOOKY programming system integrates seamlessly with your site without any additional technical support. Use our Google Analytics sync to track how many site visitors are scheduling.

Are you ready to take your business to another level?