How do you proceed?

What do you do when you need an appointment? You need to look in your address book, see when you're free, then find out if the service you want to schedule is valid for that time, keep calling and texting, and find out about your scheduler's schedule. ... Difficult, isn't it? We know that all these actions steal your time, but we have a simple and practical solution for you. Here's what I prepared for you: - at the beginning you create your 12Booky customer profile, which you can customize according to your preferences: you can add personal data, contact data and relevant information about yourself.

12BOOKY customer profile is 100% free!

Fast interaction

You can choose the location where you want to schedule depending on the distance from your home or workplace. You know the saying: keep your loved ones close! - Someone must have recommended you a salon, a doctor or a car service. With the help of the 12Booky platform you will easily find everything you want to know: you can search for the location by entering the company name and we will take you directly there. - get rid of the stress of the agenda for good. You can make a reservation directly in the calendar, you can check the free time intervals and this way you will know for sure that no one will take your place and that the service you have opted for is free for you. - you can choose the payment method directly from the application. You can pay cash, but also online through: Stripe, Revolut, PayPal.

Cool! Is that so?

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